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Please note that this program is currently being restructured.  Stay tuned to this site for future updates.*


The Transition Year Program at York University (TYP@York) is a special access program for youth (19+) and adults who are passionate about attending university.

TYP@York provides an opportunity to transition to university for those who have previously experienced social and financial barriers to accessing the formal education system.

A university degree is possible

A full-time program, TYP combines academic and non-academic activities over a two-term(September to April) session. Students enrol in Left to Right: TYP alumna Melanie Montour, TYP Coordinator Lauren Hall, TYP alumnus and Summer Work/Study employee Ayaz Patel, and TYP Director Brenda Spotton Visano. Photo Courtesy of Timothy Hudson, York Universitya combination of university courses and workshops totaling 30 credits worth of full-time study. Courses and workshops bridge the gap between a student’s prior experience and level of education and the formal educational credentials to qualify for admission to a university degree program. Students are required to attend approximately 16 hours of class time per week. Students spend additional hours studying, preparing for class, and participating in other program support opportunities.

TYP1020 Field Trip 14-15 -5Completing TYP...

Upon completion of TYP@York, students will earn 18 academic credits toward university degree study. Students who complete TYP are also eligible to transfer into an academic degree at York University, subject to the admission requirements and prerequisites of that degree program. In this way, TYP serves as a bridge into the first year of an undergraduate degree.



*Changes to TYP

TYP has reached a milestone in its history of providing a unique program to students who are keen to attend university but for various reasons have not followed a traditional path to get there.  We have been reflecting on our 9 years of experience and learning from past students who continue to share their ideas for a better TYP experience.  We also recognize that the university landscape is changing with new government and other developments in post secondary education, including university becoming accessible in new ways.  With these changes, TYP’s place in that set of pathways must change too, and we have decided it is time to pause and reflect on the accomplishments and to consider new ways to address the challenges ahead.

The university is currently restructuring a transition experience for a new decade. We look forward to welcoming students at that time.